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New: "Hybrid Training" : Remote or Precense Participation

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Training Center
The SYBERA Training Center was founded in Holzgerlingen 1997th. The Training Center provides developers seminars on the topics EtherCAT, ProfiNET, GigE Vision, UEFI Firmware development, WDF Kernel Driver (KMDF and UMDF), NDIS Kernel Driver, USB Kernel Driver, Windows IoT, Bluetooth development and design, sowie CAN Bus (CAN OPen). The training offer covers all areas of system software development, from Windows driver development, real-time control, fieldbus communication up to the integration of Windows.
Training Tools
Among others, the tools WDK, WDF, KMDF, UMDF, SDK and Visual Studio, as well as Image Builder Wizard, Image Configuration Editor, EDK-II, TianoCore, Wireshark and CSR Bluetooth DevKit are used. The success of any development requires the safe use of these tools. In addition to the detailed basics, we will of course also on your specific needs. We have state-of-the-art training room equipment (video projectors, portable development systems, fieldbus devices) as well as the latest accompanying literature and offer both internal and external training.
Remote Participation
The hybrid training is a combination of classic training and webinar. You have the choice whether you participate remotely or classically in the training room. As a remote participant, you receive exclusive access to a computer in the training room that you can fully operate. You can take part in the video presentation via another channel. Each remote participant receives a headset free of charge in order to offer an optimal speaking and listening experience during the training.
Train and Solve - training without loss of time
The issue: for the urgently needed knowledge, employees should go to training, but during that time they can not spent time on the project. The solution: Train and Solve - The concept "Train and Solve" at SYBERA allows even during the training to program and continue with the project. The participants can use their own hardware (PC, adapter, devices) in the training and implement the relevant exercises within the project. With our expertise and many years of training experience, we are able to offer "Train and Solve" to improve its efficiency of knowledge implementation.